Compare Burton Street Candles prices Vs The Popular Name Brands

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No company carries our exact size so we have compared the closest tumblers based on amount of ounces you get in your candles and price! check out how we match up for your self.

Burton Street Woodwick TumblerYankeeCandlePureintegrityWoodwick-candlesMrs.MeyersMaddisonavenue

8.50oz double woodwick scented soy candle.

7-oz Tumbler Candle

5-oz soy jar candles


Large Jar Candle 7.2 oz

7.5 oz Clear Tumbler Soy Candle



Cost $7 more for 1 oz less?


Cost $1 more for 3 less oz


Cost $1 more for 5.1 less oz of wax?


Cost $1 more for 1.3 less oz


Cost $2.26 more for 1 less oz

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